Angelus Alas von Vincent aus Rees


Hello there Human!
I hope this letter reaches you at a moment of peace.
Although we have never met before, we are already the closest of friends.
I am you. From the future.
Well, a “possible“ one at least.
So please forgive me for the subtlety of this letter.
I have composed this message to give you a glimpse of my life from the future. Like a flower planting its own seed, I hope that, one day, if fortune grants me this wish, your reality will blossom to become my reality as well.
However hard I try I can not express to you in words, the joy I feel living in this utopia I can call home.

You just need to imagine a place of truth, trust and unlimited possibilities.
A place in which everybody can live in peace and harmony for centuries to come.
Here in a place we call Alas.

What is suffering in Alas?

In your day-to-day lifes you mostly focus on the worst moments of pain instead of focusing on the greatest moments of joy.
Here in Alas we are always in peace with the knowledge that we are living our lifes to our fullest. How can we suffer?

What is misdeed in Alas?
In Alas we will never have to fear in the darkest of nights as every inch of land is guarded by watchful eyes.
We know how probable it is for a human to commit a felony before he ever has the chance to commit one.
Because of this, acts of violence have dropped to a mere 0.03 percent per five-hundred-thousand citizens.

What is human in Alas?
From the very moment we are born in Alas we have been designed to be a mirrored version of our parents expectations. Mostly in regards to the physical aspects of course.
Modern medicine has now allowed humans to evolve into something as beautiful as it is unnatural. Now having a normal life expectancy of approximately 170 years.

What is Alas?
Alas is a system.
A system that gives us a fulfilling life from the very moment we are born.
Already filtering out potentially overly aggressive children before they ever speak their first proper word.
A system that makes our life choices for us, so we can enjoy life as it is.
And oh, what joy a child feels when going to school.
A system capable of supporting every child’s personal interests but never past the point of the child’s capabilities.
A system that gives us protection in return for our privacy.
A system that doesn’t give us choices because it already chooses the best ones for us.
A system designed to give us a life similar to a sparkler, as it emits sparks till the very end!
I am talking about mass surveillance!
I am talking about a place called Alas!